Introducing: The Apologers!

Welcome to The Apologers blog!

First things first, let me tell you a little about who we are. We’re a bunch of students and graduates of the Christian Apologetics and Science & Religion programs from Biola University. Beyond that common thread, we’re a ragtag bunch of committed Christ-followers who think Christianity is true and that it really matters.

Now, we’re fully aware that it takes a certain kind of geek to pursue graduate-level degrees in knowing and showing the truthfulness of Christianity. Jesus Geeks, if you will. But we’re not anti-social weirdos; we care deeply about our culture. Christianity applies to all of reality and we hope to show you that.

So the bottom line is that we want you to know about Christianity. True Christianity, the way it really is. Raw, honest, and open to criticism. But we also want you to know us. Each member of The Apologers team has his or her own personality and specific type of nerdiness. Geek superpowers and specialties. So expect a wide variety of content from a diverse cast of characters.

All that said, I hope you’ll stick around to follow the adventures of The Apologers. And please feel free to join in the conversation with your feedback and comments!


The Apologers blogging team


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