What We’re About

So…our first post didn’t scare you away? Good! Welcome back. We’re glad that we haven’t bored you out of you mind yet—there’s plenty of time for that later.

Now that we’ve gotten the basic introduction and virtual “blog-handshake” out of the way, let’s talk about some expectations regarding The Apologers. The term “apologetics” is both the new, hip trend in many Christian circles today and yet still largely misunderstood by Christians and non-Christians alike. (As an aside, apologetics basically means the rational defense of something. For The Apologers, that something is Christian theology.) However, The Apologers did not form in order to be the cool kids on the block. While we think we are some of the coolest people around, that’s not why we started The Apologers.

Our interest in apologetics stems from a heart-level desire within each of us to think clearly and accurately about all that we believe and about all that we are. Each of The Apologers have wrestled with his or her faith in unique ways. And because of these faith-battles, we know the importance of having both confidence in the validity of our faith and a holistic melding of our faith and our lives.

What, then, can you expect from us? Our desire is that The Apologers is a safe place to discuss all aspects of life in light of rational thinking and of solid Christian theology. We are not here to put you in an intellectual arm bar until you tap-out and convert to Christianity (though an intellectual arm bar would be a pretty neat trick). The Apologers are here for you. To discuss apologetics, yes, but also everything else from basic doctrine, to contemporary worldviews, to logic, to film and book reviews, to cultural trends, to applied ethics, to loving those who disagree with us/you. And as a bonus, we are throwing in healthy doses of lighthearted wit, randomness, ridiculousness, and nerdery just for your benefit. Mighty kind of us, don’t you think?

We’re going to sign off for now, but please come back and join in the discussion with us.

Until next time….


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