Why Apologetics?

Apologetics, why should you care about this topic at all? Really, isn’t the Christian life all about following God and relying on his Spirit to draw people to him? After all, no one has been argued into the kingdom . . . well, this is actually not true. Neither part. The Christian should love God with his heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mt. 22:37). Apologetics fits into the “mind” part of this verse.  This means having a rational as well as a relational aspect to our understanding of God.

The Apologer approach to apologetics, however, is not merely the systematic type of apologetics often used. We will enumerate deductive arguments, yes. However, there are is also the area of cultural apologetics that deals with arguments from a less-systematic way. Rather than using deductive arguments, it deals with abductive and inductive reasoning based on the society in which someone finds themselves. These types of arguments should not be discounted, and are often overlooked. Yet, they sometimes can be the strongest ally of the defender of Christianity.

Apologetics also is just as effective a tool to use within the church as outside of it. When those who disagree with the Christian worldview level arguments against it, it is helpful for the Christian to know the answer to the objections. For example, if an atheist levels an accusation against the reliability of the Bible, it can cause fear and anxiety on the part of the Christian if no one can answer the objection.

One last thing which I would like to reconsider: the idea that no one is argued into the Kingdom of God. This is simply false. God uses many different things to bring people to him, from arguments, to personal testimonies, to paintings in museums. Everyone is different. For some, head knowledge is the last step to bring a person to a belief in the Bible. Or, we should simply see it as removing the last bits of doubt for a person. In the end, the topic of Apologetics is very vast. It can be used by many different types of people. However, there is one word of caution which needs to be sounded: simply arguing for argument’s sake is never a good idea. Apologetics is meant as a defense of the Christian worldview, not as a club to beat people with. One should never behave in a repulsive manner. All discussions should always be done in a Christ-like, winsome manner. Charity is a lost art, but is still necessary.



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