What in the World Is a Worldview?

Everyone has a worldview. The movies you watch, books you read, and songs you listen to all come backed by a specific worldview. But we don’t always recognize it. And most people don’t even know what a worldview even is.

Quite literally, it’s how you view the world. A worldview is the set of beliefs a person has about life, the universe and everything. It’s not just what you do one day of the week and forget about the other six. It’s how you describe all of reality.

So how do you know what your worldview is? It depends on your answers to the big questions:

  1. What is ultimate reality? (Like, the really real?)
  2. What is the nature of reality? (What is the universe like?)
  3. Who (or what) are we?
  4. What happens when we die?
  5. How do we know reality?
  6. What are good and evil?
  7. What is the meaning of human history?

I told you they were big! But a worldview is more than just the answers to some deep philosophical questions. A worldview is a commitment. It determines every decision you make. Your perspective on life and the people around you. It’s a pretty big deal!

So if you’ve never thought much about these questions, please do it now. Seriously. These are the most important questions you can ever think about. And if you don’t have an answer for each one, or even know what they all mean, that’s fine! We’ll be discussing these questions and their implications in more detail in the weeks and months to come. But in the meantime, please give them some thought and try to reflect on how the way you answer them will affect the way you live your life.



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