What is Bioethics?

Bioethics is an important field, dealing with many different topics. It is a broad umbrella under which ethical implications of certain biological technologies, such as stem cell research, genetic enhancement, and artificial wombs fall. It also includes the topics of abortion and eugenics.

Since the Apologers approach this topic from an apologetic perspective, the topics we cover will not only discuss certain topics/technologies but will attempt to navigate the ethical implications which they involve. This may become nebulous and murky in places. However, we believe it possible to navigate these areas. In some cases, a technology is not wrong, per se, but rather, it damages the one using it. We will attempt to point out these differences when possible. Notice the difference between these two: a three-parent child and smartphone use (while not a bioethical issue, this is an interesting question of technology that affects a massive portion of the population and suits my simple intention). One means of creating a three-parent child is to destroy a perfectly healthy embryo in order to harvest the genetic material outside the nucleus. Since we believe that a person starts at birth, this would be a wrong practice. However, a technology which could be damaging to the one using it but not necessarily wrong, can be seen in current smartphone use, which keeps a person online 24/7. This functions as an external memory for the one using it, which causes the individual to lose mental capacity. It is therefore not wrong, but may be harmful.

In the end, these are both examples of how bioethical issues will be navigated within our blogs. Certain bioethics practices are simply wrong and unethical. However, most of them end up being somewhere in a gray area. In these instances, it’s helpful to think through the affects they’re having, and make decisions based on that.


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