Infinite impossible possibilities: the Multiverse vs Fine Tuning


There have been a lot of stories dealing with parallel universes. In past years, TV shows like Sliders, Stargate-SG1, Star Trek, Fringe, Doctor Who and many others have played with the idea of universes of infinite possibilities. Other mediums would include the video game Bioshock Infinite or most comic books. These science-fiction stories are interesting and show a variety of creativity in ‘what if’ stories like having Leonard Nimoy in a Goatee!

There is a theory that this multiverse actually exists, and while it has been around for a while, it now is one of the main contenders against the fine tuning argument. (more…)


Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Family, Redemption, and a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars: The Force Awakens posterMandatory warning: This post contains spoilers from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and the rest of the saga too).

When it comes to Christians and culture, it’s really easy to generalize, to place things into buckets of “good” and “eeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiil”. But this kind of thinking is just plain lazy. We’re living in God’s world and so there will be some good in most everything (and everyone); but since we also live in a fallen world, the opposite is also true. The role of a thoughtful Christian is to see things for what they are, to “rightly divide” the good from the bad. The redeemable from irredeemable. (more…)

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus… If You Studied Your Church History

It’s that time of year again, where we worship the incarnation of God-become-man Jesus. Others, however, sing songs about a fat jolly man dressed in red who flies around the world in one night.

However, there good reasons to believe that there actually was a “Santa Claus”. He is much more than the Coca-Cola red north pole dweller; he actually existed and he served the cause of Christ. (more…)

Thanksgiving – The Time of Gratitude

It’s time again for my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving.  It’s a time of reflection on the gifts we have received. As Ravi Zacharias writes in his book ‘Recaptured by Wonder,’ gratitude is the first step to wonder. Gratitude does not come easy because it is first and foremost a mindset.

A brief reflection on the start of the holiday is a good place to begin – no, not the pilgrims… but when the day was proclaimed as a national holiday. (more…)